If you were hurt or a loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident, you may have legal options to recover compensation.

They were walking home, pushing strollers, carrying groceries, or chatting with a friend. Then, a negligent driver hit them. This is a tragic story that plays out in real life all the time in Washington and around the United States.

In 2017, a pedestrian in the U.S. died in a traffic accident every 88 minutes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s a total of 5,977 people. On top of that, an estimated 137,000 pedestrians were sent to the hospital with injuries after being hit by a vehicle.

If you were hurt or a loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident, you may have legal options to recover compensation. In the vast majority of cases, motorists who hit pedestrians are at fault for the accident. And in Washington, whoever is at fault for an accident can be held accountable and forced to compensate the victim through a personal injury claim.

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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

If you plan to seek compensation for your pedestrian accident, you will need to fully understand what happened and who was at fault. The following are some common causes of Washington pedestrian accidents:

Drunk Driving

According to the CDC, 47 percent of pedestrian accidents in 2017 involved alcohol. Any driver who gets behind the wheel drunk is being negligent. That means they would be considered to be at fault for your accident and injuries.

Distracted Driving

Whether the distraction is a cell phone, food, makeup, a newspaper, or an animated conversation, it has no place in a multi-ton vehicle that is near pedestrians. Distracted driving is always the fault of the driver.

Drowsy Driving

In some cases, driving while drowsy can impair a driver’s reaction time nearly as much as driving drunk. Drowsy driving puts others at risk and is a negligent act on the part of the driver.


Just because almost everyone does it does not mean it is harmless. The CDC noted that higher speeds boost the chance that a car will hit a pedestrian and that the accident will be fatal. Speeding is never necessary and always negligent.

Defective Devices or Parts

If the brakes on a vehicle fail, a pedestrian accident in a crosswalk could easily result. Similarly, if a pedestrian walk signal malfunctions, someone could enter the road when oncoming traffic has a green light. In both cases, the manufacturer of the defective device could be at fault.

Poor Road or Signal Planning

Some intersections are just dangerous. Everyone knows it but may not understand why. In most cases, this is due to poor road or traffic signal planning. If that played a part in your pedestrian accident, a government road authority could hold some of the blame for your injuries.

You likely know what caused your crash, but you will have to gather evidence to prove it. This might include photos, videos, or witness statements. An experienced attorney can help you understand where to find the evidence that will prove your case and win compensation for you.

How Were You Injured?

The other crucial part to recovering compensation as an injured pedestrian is being able to describe the full extent of your injuries. This is why it is so important to see a doctor immediately after your accident. Your doctor can make sure you are going to be OK and give you an accurate record of how you were hurt.

The following are some common types of injuries in Washington pedestrian accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries like paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Lost limbs
  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Facial fractures and damage

Compensation After Being Hit by a Car

Finally, you will need to demand a fair amount of compensation for your injuries and the other harms that have resulted from a motorist hitting you. Calculating the value of your damages can be tricky, especially when you consider non-financial damages like pain and suffering. A qualified pedestrian accident lawyer can help you calculate the maximum value of your claim.

Here are some common damages for which injured pedestrians receive compensation in Washington:

  • All related medical expenses
  • Lost income during recovery and in the future
  • Property damage
  • Emotional and mental trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Disfigurement and scarring

Speak with a Silverdale Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

After you have filed your claim, it would be nice if the at-fault party or insurance company simply said you are right and sent a check. But that almost never happens. The other side will fiercely resist compensating you even if their fault is abundantly clear.

That is why so many injured pedestrians seek the guidance of a trusted Silverdale pedestrian accident lawyer. To speak with the attorneys at Ryan, Montgomery & Armstrong, Inc., P.S., contact us online or call 360-307-8860 to request a consultation.


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